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Squarepusher - “RAYC FIRE 2 LIVE SESSION"

Live Performance
Composed and performed by Tom Jenkinson

Visuals designed and programmed by Tom Jenkinson and Black Box Echo
Constantly at the forefront of Warp’s most far reaching electronic sensibilities, revered producer, bass virtuoso, composer and sound artist, Squarepusher has constantly strived to push the frontiers and limits of music, both on record and with his ground breaking live shows. Beyond that, his talent as a bassist has seen him compared to Jaco Pastorious, the very source of inspiration that made him a devotee of free jazz. It is an understatement to say that his newest album, “Damogen Furies” has been eagerly awaited.
Each track on the record was recorded in a single take and this veracity shows in the live performance captured on this video. Out of chaos comes order in this powerful, high-speed synesthetic kaleidoscope of audio visual joy. Get ready for a 2001-esque trip to the edge of the universe.
Good bye Earth!

Commissioner / Brand
Jim Demuth
Zoe Roberts
VICE Japan

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